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FMCG Logictics Services in Dubai

Your trusted FMCG logistics company in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai - offering flexible solutions, state-of-the-art warehousing, and comprehensive services for efficient supply chain management. Solutions from factory to store; we make it all about consumer demand!

    TLM understands the demands placed on manufacturers and producers who rely on moving high volume goods as efficiently as possible. Our flexible, convenient, and comprehensive FMCG logistics solutions will meet virtually all of your needs, whether you need multi-user warehousing, fulfillment and distribution facility, automated facilities, inventory management, full integration of complete supply chains, or dedicated transport solutions. With four state-of-the-art full-service warehousing locations in Jebel Ali, and access to the largest moving network in the world, our priority is to get your products to the market, on time and in perfect condition. We provide a complete range of services to the FMCG sector, including inbound transport, warehousing facilities, freight forwarding, domestic distribution, re-work, product customization, and inventory management.

    Value Added Services

    Going beyond basic services we offer advanced add on solutions designed to ensure smooth supply chain functioning


    Dubai Municipality Procedures

    • Dubai Municipality Clearance

      Documents needed for clearance by Dubai Food Health Authority – Food Control at the port of entry includes original lading bill, an original health certificate approved by the government health authority at the country of origin, Consignment packing list, an authentic halal certificate, and delivery order in case of containers only.

    • We procure all documents for you

      As your FMCG logistics shipping companies in Dubai, we help you procure all the pertinent documents and necessary certificates so that you obtain clearance by the DM – Food Control.

    • Food Specific Clearances UAE

      All food importers are responsible for meeting the food safety requirements under the UAE law. However, we have a well-trained team of industry professionals who can take on the task of custom clearance on your behalf. We ensure timely clearance of every cargo and shipment we undertake and guarantee the safety and suitability of food imports. We take care of accurate documentation checks upon time of acceptance to ensure compliance with industry standards, quality assurance, and country regulations.

    Labeling and Coding

    • Arabic labeling

      Labelling is a major task for food exporters and needs to be printed on the original package or label. Arabic labeling is a necessity for all FMCG exporters to the UAE.

    • Date coding

      In addition to production and expiry dates, lot identification/lot number, manufacturer name, country of origin, nutritional declaration, warning statements, list of ingredients, net weight, product barcode, and instructions for storage and use, need to be printed in Arabic on the product label. As one of the top logistics companies in Jebel Ali free zone, we help you with accurate product labeling in compliance with the industry specifications.

    • Label Translations

      We also specialize in labelling solutions designed for international retailers, helping them produce fully translated labels that meet local market regulatory requirements. A team of specialist retail translators works hand in hand with local regulatory advisors to create translated copy of your packaged goods according to local customs and public preference.

    Our FMCG Logistics Services in Dubai

    Inbound Transport Solutions

    Our all-inclusive inbound transportation options guarantee prompt and effective delivery of products from vendors to your fast-moving consumer goods operations. By utilizing cutting-edge technology for logistics in Dubai and a dependable carrier network, we optimize transportation procedures to satisfy your supply chain requirements.

    Warehousing Facilities

    We provide flexible and safe storage options for your FMCG items with our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities that are positioned strategically. To guarantee ideal storage conditions and smooth operations, our facilities are outfitted with cutting-edge inventory management systems and strict security protocols.

    Freight Forwarding Services

    With accuracy and dependability, our professional goods forwarding services enable the international transportation of your FMCG products. We manage every facet of goods forwarding, from paperwork to customs clearance, guaranteeing prompt delivery while cutting expenses.

    Domestic Distribution Network

    We boast an extensive domestic distribution network tailored to meet the unique needs of the FMCG sector. Our efficient logistics services in Dubai, distribution channels, and dedicated fleet ensure swift and reliable delivery of your products to retailers and end customers nationwide

    Re-work and Customization

    Being one of the best logistics companies in Dubai, UAE, we offer specialized re-work and customization services to meet the diverse requirements of the FMCG industry. From repackaging to labeling, our skilled teams ensure product conformity and customization according to your specifications, enhancing market readiness.

    Inventory Management Solutions

    Our advanced inventory management solutions provide real-time visibility and control over your FMCG inventory. With robust systems and processes in place, we optimize inventory levels, minimize stockouts, and improve overall supply chain efficiency, empowering you to meet customer demands effectively.

    Other Services

    Offering comprehensive Supply Chain
    Solutions Explore our range of services

    • 3PL Services

      Streamline your supply chain operations with our third-party logistics (3PL) services. From inventory management to distribution, our comprehensive solutions optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance your overall logistics performance.

    • Freight Forwarding

      Comprehensive Shipping & Logistics Solutions, tailor made to help Comprehensive Shipping & Logistics Solutions, tailor made to help

    • Warehousing-old

      Secure your inventory in our state-of-the-art warehouses. With flexible storage options and advanced inventory management systems, we provide safe and efficient warehousing solutions tailored to your specific needs.


      What types of FMCG products are commonly handled by logistics services in the UAE?
      Common FMCG products include food and beverages, personal care items, household goods, and pharmaceuticals.
      How do logistics services in the UAE ensure the timely delivery of FMCG products?
      Logistics services in the UAE leverage advanced technology and efficient transportation networks to streamline delivery processes and meet tight schedules.
      How do logistics companies handle warehousing for FMCG products?
      Logistics companies offer state-of-the-art warehousing facilities equipped with temperature-controlled storage and advanced inventory management systems to ensure product integrity.
      What are the customs and import/export regulations that logistics companies need to navigate in Dubai?
      The top logistics companies in Jebel Ali free zone must comply with customs regulations, including documentation requirements, duties, taxes, and import/export restrictions for FMCG products.
      How do logistics services manage last-mile delivery for FMCG products?
      Logistics services utilize efficient last-mile delivery networks, including courier services, to ensure prompt delivery of FMCG products to retailers and consumers.
      What technology solutions do logistics shipping companies in Dubai use to optimize FMCG logistics operations?
      Logistics companies in Dubai utilize technology solutions such as route optimization software, GPS tracking, and inventory management systems to enhance efficiency and visibility in FMCG logistics.
      How do the best logistics companies in Dubai handle returns and reverse logistics for unsold or expired products?
      FMCG logistics companies have established processes for managing returns and reverse logistics, including product inspection, re-packaging, and disposal in compliance with regulations.